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Meet Dr. Shanicka 

Christian Author | Speaker | Physician​

"I am passionate about pursuing the manifestation of divine healing in the body and souls of God's people." - Dr. Shanicka

Dr. Shanicka N. Scarbrough is a board certified family medicine physician and wound care specialist who has a passion for Christ and the Kingdom of God. Dr. Shanicka's mission is to bring healing to God's people spiritually, physically as well as within their souls so that they are able to unlock the TRUE potential of who God is calling them to be. 

Weekly Healing Journey 

Follow Dr. Shanicka's YouTube channel to enjoy powerful weekly vlogs full of Spiritual Coaching & Teachings!

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Heart Check Coaching

If you are ready to begin your healing journey today and discover a breakthrough in your life to unleash your purpose, Dr. Shanicka is ready to hold your hand along the way! Explore spiritual coaching that will transform your life!


Heart Check University

Experience this new journey with the convenience and intimacy of weekly small group coaching. This assigned time with Dr. Shanicka will enlighten you on the healing God wants to do in your life.


This 12 week program walks you through scripture and Dr. Shanicka's best selling book Power to Heal Your Heart. Next cycle begins February 7th! Enroll today! 

Read to Heal

The Book That Transforms Lives! 

The enemy of your soul does not fight fair. When he is shooting those fiery arrows directly at your heart, seeking to destroy your mind, stir up your emotions and detrimentally influence your will, are you equipped to stand against him? When our souls are shattered it can also manifest in sickness and DIS-ease in our bodies. It’s time you draw a line in the sand and say enough is enough! It's time you tap into the power to heal your heart!

Welcome to FREEDOM. Order your copy now.

Your heart will thank you!




Power to Heal Testimonials

Hear the words from personal encounters with this life altering book!

I felt a release of some burdens that were hidden, weight that was hard to describe. This book has been like a chiropractic adjustment to my body, spirit and soul and I am only on Chapter 5!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Sarah H.


Dr. Shanicka is a prophetic voice anointed to bring healing to our generation. Her authenticity, transparency and passion for transformation mark her ministry. The words of this book are filled with wisdom, revelation and strategies that will help readers to restore their souls, reclaim their identity and recover their life.

-Pastor Shaun Marshall


I started Her Daily Journal about 2 years ago. It has truly blessed me beyond measure with the daily scripture and prayer. It also provides an area for self reflection and any epiphanies that come about. I highly recommend the Her Daily Journal for your daily devotional!

-Darlene A.


Dr. Shanicka's Healing Library

Visit Dr. Shanicka's entire Holy Spirit inspired published library written with you in mind and heart.

As The Winds Blows Vol. 2
Before You Tap Out
She Is Not Your Enemy
We Are Called To Serve
Remarkable Gifts of God Revealed
Daily Chats with God
Caution: Work In Progress
Caution : Still Working on Me
Conquering Grief Beyond Words
Power To Heal Your Heart
Breaking Free
Focused On God
Revealing the Monsters Hidden Beneath
Shut the Door
As The Winds Blows
As The Winds Blows Vol. 2

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