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Dr. Shanicka is dedicated to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ across the nation and the world. If you would like to partner with her, please click the button below. Thank you for your kingdom building contribution!

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Meet Dr. Shanicka 

Christian Author | Speaker | Physician​

"I am passionate about pursuing the manifestation of divine healing in the body and souls of God's people." - Dr. Shanicka

Dr. Shanicka N. Scarbrough is a board certified family medicine physician and wound care specialist who has a passion for Christ and the Kingdom of God. Dr. Shanicka's mission is to bring healing to God's people spiritually, physically as well as within their souls so that they are able to unlock the TRUE potential of who God is calling them to be. 

Weekly Healing Journey 

Follow Dr. Shanicka's YouTube channel to enjoy powerful weekly vlogs full of Spiritual Coaching & Teachings!

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