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In the much anticipated volume 2 of As the Wind Blows, Dr. Shanicka Scarbrough and six women share their journeys of battling extraordinary situations and how they were able to triumph over them. These women are candid about their experiences with receiving a cancer diagnosis, their, at times, wavering faith in God, substance abuse and addictions, verbal abuse, unhealthy relationships, and coping with the death of loved ones. As each woman shares the intimate details of her life, you will find yourself experiencing the full spectrum of human emotion, becoming engrossed in their trials and finding common ground with your own. While each woman’s story is unique, all display the beautiful quality of resiliency: the innate strength to keep pushing, to keep learning, to keep believing, to keep growing, and most of all, to keep triumphing despite painful circumstances. This book will available for print and will be delivered after December 15, 2018.

As The Winds Blows Vol. 2

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